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Matters of fact - Solutions For Financial Planning*

Appealing to the masses

Simply put, pop culture is anything that is popular with the majority of a society. Pop culture appears in media that is easily accessible, such as print (books, comics, magazines, etc.), film, television, radio, the internet and social media. 

The term “popular culture” has been around since the mid-nineteenth century, referring to the cultural traditions of common people, as opposed to the “official culture” of the upper classes. Thanks to social changes that were brought about by the Industrial Revolution, working people had more money to spend on entertainment, like going to the pub, attending sporting events or reading for leisure. A growing consumer culture, and the increased ability to travel thanks to improved railway networks, created a market for mass-produced, cheap literature. These early examples of pop culture, called penny dreadfuls, were serial stories that were published weekly and cost one penny, and were therefore easily accessible (and affordable) to the vast majority of the population. Some see them as the Victorian equivalent of video games.[12]

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